About Us

 Who we are?
We are a Chinese e-commerce company. Our company name is Yiwu Geyang E-commerce Firm. Ms. Zhou is a pet lover who likes to share the fun of dogs, cats and cats, so she founded this company, hoping to share some interesting products with every friend who loves pets through e-commerce. Our company is also an agency sales company, dedicated to selling pet products and decoration-related products.
We have our own product design team that pays attention to the engineering, details and functions of pet products launched on the market. We provide customers with the highest quality products. We believe this is why our customers are looking for the most valuable pet products.

What does angelelves offer?
angelelves provides you with the latest pet supplies and the latest and most popular products on the market. And with continuous development, angelelves regularly adds new sales channels to continue to expand its business globally. Regardless of sales volume, angelelves will continue to use the same customer service methods as a few years ago. Angelelves treats customers like every customer because they realize that each customer is vital to overall and future success.

Our mission:
Angelelves is always looking for ways to make their styles better, more efficient, and higher quality, while still maintaining reasonable prices. There is no doubt that angelelves will never compromise his integrity in order to improve the bottom line. This mentality and idealism are necessary conditions for hiring Musso. From R&D supervisor to sales and customer support staff, we are proud to provide us with competent and reliable employees

Our vision:
The original intention of opening the store is very clear: to share high-quality, eye-catching products for fashion trends, provide excellent value and first-class customer service.

Our company: Yiwu Geyang E-commerce Firm

Our address: Room 301, Unit 2, Building 31, Yinhai Third District, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

Phone number: +(86)15113492125

Email: service@angelelves.com