Common Sense of Dog Traction
09.09.2021 | angelelves |

Dogs from three months to eight months are the stage of rapid growth. The overall proportion of the body develops rapidly, and the development of the neck is not very fast. At this time, I think it is appropriate to use a good collar to correct some behavior problems. However, the collar should also be replaced according to the actual situation. The dog uses the chest and back at this stage. If you want to meet the development of medium and large dogs, you need to change three chests and backs in as little as eight months. If there is a real explosive behavior, its power does not act on that point at all. The explosive chest and back can be adjusted subtly, which is useless for stubborn behavior. The main difference lies in the way of traction.

A comfortable and suitable collar + loose rope accompany practice, so that the dog will not be stressed and can ensure safety during the walk, and it will not be uncomfortable. If the dog keeps rushing, regardless of the collar or the chest strap, it will always be pulled by the force. Loose rope means to use a positive method to keep the leash in a relaxed state (the buckle is always hanging down, and the connecting leash has a U-shaped drooping concavity), so that the dog can walk naturally.

Author: A Wei
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Everyone knows that traction is very important. It is convenient for you and me to bring your dog when you go out. If there is traction, you must have a collar. Even some national laws clearly stipulate that you must wear a collar for your dog in public. But no one would have imagined that a small collar could be a killer of a dog. There is such a border dog abroad. When going out for a walk, the owner will bring the collar and traction, but the owner is afraid of getting it. The neck is uncomfortable, so I usually adjust the collar to loosen it. Usually, when I go home, the owner will remove the lead and the collar for the dog, and then go to work. However, once he forgot to remove the collar for the dog, and he came back. When he was found hanging on the door handle of the kitchen, he was strangled to death. Don’t guess, it must be the dog who jumped on the kitchen stove looking for food, but because it was too slippery, it fell and just fell off, and because the collar was loose, it was hooked by the door handle, and it was still far from the ground. , Unable to break free, was hanged alive. Although this is relatively rare, everyone must pay attention to it. Generally, after walking the dog home, the traction but not the collar is taken off, but here, Ah Wei recommends that everyone also take off the collar. First of all, because wearing a collar for a long time, for the dog, it is definitely not comfortable without things. Moreover, the home environment is different from the outside, not spacious enough, and there are many things, so it is also possible to hang things. In addition, when wearing a collar for a dog, it should be appropriate, not too tight or too loose. When the dog first wears the collar, it will feel uncomfortable, so he wants to get rid of it desperately, so the owner tends to wear it tightly. This is not good. In addition to the possibility of affecting the dog’s breathing, it also has a greater friction on the delicate skin of the puppies. Just adjust it to a suitable tightness, that is, you can just put a finger in it. At the beginning, if you want to break free, you can attract it with snacks and let it adapt slowly. The collar should be cleaned regularly, because after a long time, it will definitely accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria, and because of friction on the skin, it may be infected, and it will not be good for it to develop into a skin disease. A collar that is too thin is not recommended, although it can better contain the dog, but the area of ​​force is relatively small, the pressure is too large, and the damage to the skin is greater. It is best to choose a certain width.